SEO tutorial on Headings – Alt text and the best way to use them

If you are new to web design, there is an importance in how you use and what your H tags. In this tutorial by Timothy Kywn, he teaches you several way’s of how to use
several tags and attributes in all of your pages.

If my site goes offllne for a day does it hurt my ranking?

Matt cuts answers this question

WordPress and SEO Do’s and Dont’s

This video by Matt is long, around 46 minutes, but is well worth watching.

Many parts of it are funny too, but he also provides a very clear-cut way of how things should and should not, be done using WordPress that applies to standard websites as well.
Learn how using word variances in your title and descriptions to help with SEO the best way to name your categories and why a site with 10 back-links can rank better than a site with 20.
Watching this video is time well spent especially for those just learning SEO.

Giving credit for content writing

I know if I work hard on something, I want credit or even constructive criticism for it.

In this regard we feel like Matt Cutts of Google does. When we re-post a video Matt created or anyone else does, it is because we feel it has valuable content to our visitors.

However we also feel credit should be given to that individual or group and not try to make it look like it is our own content.

We turn to Matt Cutts videos as a primary source of information because he has the inside scoop on Google and provides us with the information needed to keep up on Google’s changes.
That said, hear what Matt Cutts has to say about it, and the proper way to link and article to the original content.

Published on Jul 1, 2013
I have a blog and I post original articles but I also like to link to the original website. So I link the website in a word in the first paragraph. Is this the right way or I should give a link separately at bottom.
nayanseth, India

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Use YouTube and video to obtain higher ranking

In this video Dr. Anthony of Nobel Samurai, explains how adding quality videos and keywords can help you gain a higher ranking on Google.
With a simple technique that works in just about every market, you can improve your rankings and possibly make it to the first page.
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